HOPE Outdoor Gallery Project

HOPE Outdoor Gallery

HOPE Outdoor Gallery Project

Over the past 6 years, the HOPE Outdoor Gallery (HOG) has become an Austin landmark. 

With over 500 artists, families, and creatives visiting daily, there are thousands of stories and murals layered within its walls – and we're bringing them to you in These Walls Can Talk

This Volume II - HOPE art book features photographs of street art, murals, and moments from the art park alongside 50 community-sourced stories that capture the evolution of the HOPE Outdoor Gallery.

These 1.3 acres of concrete walls have been embraced as a giant canvas by aspiring and established creatives alike – making it one of the Top 10 Art Destinations in Texas and Austin's 1st outdoor art and mural park.

“Whether one is there to take an art class, take part in a charity, party, or paint a wall – there's no question that the HOPE Outdoor Gallery is a community incubator.” –Shepard Fairey

The book will not only serve as a visual diary of the Austin art scene – but a way for public art supporters within and outside of Austin to get involved in the future of this internationally-known project.

Help preserve the memories within these walls – and build support for the HOPE Outdoor Gallery so future generations can continue to be inspired through the beauty of outdoor public art!