Our New Park



In 2021, HOPE Outdoor Gallery is slated to open at it's new location in East Austin, on a sprawling 17 acres, 10 minutes from downtown and across from the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. At our unique open-air art park, artists and visitors will have access to experience large scale public art installations, curated audio and art exhibitions, murals from local, national, and international artists, witness new creative technology, and experience a vast array of educational programming for all ages and skill levels. 

Our new park will feed your soul, and keep your body nourished with offerings from coffee to cocktails and snacks that will appease any appetite. You can take in the view from the rooftop deck while enjoying the local flavors of Austin.

The new park will feature retail spaces with a curated collection of unique items meant to inspire. Our HOPE Outdoor Gallery merchandise and DOPE HOPE Hat collection will be the perfect gift to take back home. Clean Lines, HOPE's local art supply store located in the H courtyard, is where you’ll be able to get your art supplies - including spray cans that can be used onsite. 

HOPE Outdoor Gallery will be the largest earthen-built structure in Texas as our park's walls are made of 40,000 earth blocks, each weighing 38.5 pounds. Our team created blocks that are not only stronger and locally sourced with a renewable resource. This matches our projects relocation theme of “THESE WALLS BRING US TOGETHER.” HOPE Outdoor Gallery has made additional strides lessening the project’s impact on the planet by significantly reducing the use of traditional building materials, including cement and steel. Our site has become the largest earth brick project in the State of Texas.

Visit our "HOPE Outdoor Gallery Notes" to see what the latest news is from the new location!
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