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Shepard Fairey installation at the orginal HOPE Outdoor Gallery


Over the next ten years the HOPE Outdoor Gallery would witness hundreds of artists paint those walls, see the next generation of artists emerge, provide art education classes and a space for community groups to display outdoor art driven by inspirational, positive, and educational messaging.


During this time the art park became an Austin destination, bringing together artists, families, students, activists and tourists alike. It became a creative heaven where no matter your skill level you have a safe place to practice your craft or witness creativity in action.


The original HOPE Outdoor Gallery was located on Baylor Street and launched in March 2010 at “The Foundation.” The Foundation, pictured here, was a failed condo development from the 1980s that had been left underdeveloped until Andi Scull, the HOPE Campaign Executive Producer at the time, transformed the failed development into a temporary art installation. With the help of contemporary artist Shepard Fairey they installed the first mural installation of which would be the first of thousands that would grace those walls.


"The Foundation" located on Baylor Street, 1980s


With a nod to the gallery’s deep roots in Austin, our newly relocated art park will also feature a memorial wall from our original Baylor Street location. We're proud to use recycled concrete from our original location as a foundation for our new site. 


Owner of the original HOPE location, Vic Ayad, with HOPE founder Andi Scull

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